Are Bluetooth Devices a Health Hazard?


We are finally in a phase where wired connections are long past being modern. Does the wireless bluetooth speaker come with a downside? Will it affect our health and the environment? Who are susceptible? What can we do better? Let us explore!.

Mobile phones and their constant use have been in the news for the detrimental effects of microwaves and radiation from cell phone towers. That has not been a deterrent to the ever increasing use of cell phones. Bluetooth speakers also work on microwaves and the increased use of portable bluetooth speakers only increases the risks of exposure to radiation and microwaves.

Positives of bluetooth connectivity:

Modern times have meant the use of an increasing number of devices. The era of wired connections has almost been forgotten with the ease of bluetooth connectivity. Listening to music, answering telephone calls, making con-calls, and synchronizing your devices are today’s mantra in an activity-based lifestyle, wherein data are paramount and audio, video, and augmented and virtual reality are facts. Imagine doing this through wired connections! The bluetooth technology is truly the most potent innovation of the recent times.

The negative side:

All inventions must have something to improve on. In the case of bluetooth speakers and their increasing use, the imminent health hazards are the cons. We may be risking our environment and individual health to microwaves that proliferate with the use of the bluetooth speakers. Some sicknesses that can be exacerbated are briefly discussed next.

Driving distractions: Music and such distractions have proven to be a dangerous distraction, while ignoring road safety and the safety of other fellow human beings.

Aural pain and hearing loss: Sounds above the 85-decibel level cause hearing loss and other ear-related problems. Especially for children and those who like listening to loud thumping music frequently, a word of caution is in time. Most times, the hearing loss is not reversible.

Weight gain: Studies and medical research have shown that radiation and electromagnetic fields slow down the blood circulation, interferes with cell functions, and leads to weight gain. That’s only the beginning of the associated problems such as hair loss, high blood pressure, and compromised immunity.

Cancers and Leukemia: The radiations from towers and electromagnetic fields lower the body’s immunity tacitly. The use of cell phones, bluetooth speakers and such, change the invisible magnetic field around us. Exposure to microwave radiations through rampant use of such devices does not augur well for us.

Effects on other illnesses: Alzheimer’s, birth defects, migraines, miscarriages, and immunity disorders have been linked by medical studies as a risk factor due to increased exposure to short-length rapid oscillating microwave radiations.

In conclusion, one must say that though the scenario sounds frightening, proper use of technology is bound to evolve and mitigate risks due to microwave radiation. We are still in the nascent stage and there are no confirmed studies to prove the health hazards.

Hence, the old adage that prevention is better than a cure applies to the health risks of bluetooth speakers. Let us be responsible and use this invention well. Knowledge is empowerment and we should do our bit while using bluetooth speakers for ourselves and the environment.

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